Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I Don't Believe

In the previous post, I said I didn't believe in Socialism. I also gave a brief reason why. There's something else I don't believe in: I don't believe that there are such people as atheists.

Oh, sure: I believe there are people who claim to be atheists. I just don't believe they really are.

For one thing, if the relativist tells me that I am the source of all truth for myself, then I am well within my rights to not believe in atheists. If you happen to be an atheist, judge for yourself, is what I believe true? If you want to believe you're atheist, then you have a quandary. If there is absolute truth, then you must believe (teleologically, ontologically or otherwise) that there is an absolute source of truth. This is God. You are not an atheist. If you believe that I can have my truth and you can have your truth, and the two can disagree, then you must gladly tolerate my claim. Otherwise, you will live a life of angry frustration with an internal conflict you cannot resolve.

For another thing: we each have a central tenet that defines a set of principles that govern our actions - otherwise, we would know people who didn't have a clue as to how to react to any situation. Even a lazy couch potato has a central tenet: that all things must feed his desire to relax and numb his mind before the cathode ray god. Many have the central tenet that they have to believe in anything that allows them to do what they want - even at the expense of others (although most deny it). My central tenet is that the Creator came to earth to pay the price for my rebellion against Him because I couldn't pay it myself. Therefore, I serve His purpose out of gratitude. The point is: whatever one's central tenet, that is his god. Therefore, even an atheist has a God though he deny it.


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