Monday, February 27, 2006

The Science of Origins Index

I have written regularly on matters of science and on the debate between Evolution, Intelligent Design and Creation in particular. You can see my links in the sidebar of this blog for Christian Apologetics that include some Creation material. But here, for your convenience, I have included an index of my posts addressing the subject to this point. You will find a diverse conglomeration of angles here because I have included commentary relevant to the debate with other subjects. One other thing: my posting is hardly exhaustive. In the near future I plan to put together a class for my church that will go more in depth with some aspects of this debate and I intend to include that material here for your digestion. Until then:

The Evolution of Gravity and Other Myths

What's At Stake In The Evolution Debate?

Science losing war over evolution?

The Evolution Experiment

Whose God Is In The Classroom?

Comments on " ID Verdict: The Ire of Judge Jones"

Oil and Genesis

The Rising Tide of Junk Science

Evolution, Intelligent Design, and Creationism


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