Monday, February 20, 2006

Just For Fungible

Scott Adams is skilled at truistic humor. Unfortunately, Sunday's Dilbert strip exemplifies this. International politics is so nuanced as to most often defy the sophomoric analyses offered by the pixilated "experts" paraded through our living rooms by the not-so-news networks. International politics is like playing chess on a board with a hundred opponents. Analysis of the game is easier than actually playing the game. Don't miss the fact that the media moguls are players and are not interested in disseminating news that compromises their game. Don't miss that they desire us, as their consumers, to be their pawns.

With all this, it is easy to lose hope of being able to understand international politics. However, game play can be easily analyzed by simple principle. It helps to understand strategy, but if we know that no one has power that is not granted by God and we know that God has issued a simple set of moral commands to live by then we can have a working understanding of the game. More importantly, we can have a working relationship with the Game Master Himself. And that's not fungible.


Blogger Mark Pemberton said...

Ok, here's one for ya. A financial buddy of mine did a statistical analysis on the purchase of a hybrid. The results are pretty interesting. Granted, you might be getting a little better gas mileage, but you are paying for it. His conclusion?

CONCLUSION: Fuel costs would need to be an average of almost $4.50/gallon for a 10 year period in order to recoup the costs of the hybrid car presented in this scenario.

I'll be glad to send anyone his findings if you so desire. Reach me at icu_mark AT One note, the only two things he didn't take into consideration were any tax breaks given (which would help cut the cost difference) and the cost of battery replacements (which I am led to beleive is every 3 years).

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