Friday, February 24, 2006

The March of the Irrational

The Muslim rampage in response to the Danish cartoons continues...

...against Nigerian Christians?!?

Yes, Muslims are killing Christians in Nigeria over an issue that many of the Nigerians have no knowledge of. There is one of two scenarios here: Either the Muslims in Nigeria are completely irrational or they are just looking for an excuse to kill Christians. I suggest that both are true. Either way, I'm sure the Muslims in Nigeria are convinced that they are right to beat, maim and even kill people who don't believe what they believe. This is not rational, even if the Muslim who is doing the killing knows that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the cartoons. However, I doubt the Muslim realizes that it's not rational.

Now to be reflective. What do we do that we think is perfectly reasonable? Can we detect if we are doing things that are not reasonable when we think they are? There are so many examples of this in individual lives as well as in the culture at large. The challenge is to you who read this to examine your life; your attitudes, behaviors and beliefs; and try to determine any areas where you are irrational.


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