Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What The Church Is Saying About Homosexuality Lately - And What It's Not

The good news is that a Swedish minister has been acquitted of hate speech charges for denouncing homosexuality. What did he say? "He labeled homosexuality a 'deep cancer tumor' on society during a sermon," according to the article.

The other good news is that the Vatican has come out against homosexuality... sort of. It prohibits homosexuals from becoming priests, although it doesn't do anything about homosexuals who are already priests except to encourage them to be celibate.

The bad news is that neither statement makes a cogent argument for why homosexuality is wrong. I made a brief one October 2004. In it I made the case that homosexuality - or other sexual activity other than in a marriage between one man and one woman - does not give a true picture of who God is as God has decreed it to be. As an addendum to my previous post, I'll tell you about a friend of mine. He's a homeschool dad who is a literature teacher at a local Christian school and also serves in a faculty leadership position. His oldest son has a ponytail, but the Christian School has a dress code that prohibits long hair for boys. When asked by a student how he can enforce the dress code at the Christian School while he allows his son to have long hair at his own home school, he replied, "it's not about the hair, it's about discipline." Likewise, for homosexuality, it's not about who we can be amorous with. It's about glorifying God - and what or what does not glorify God is not up to us to determine.


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