Monday, February 06, 2006

Why Hitler Was Not Conservative

A couple of days ago, Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, in a speech designed to boost enlistment in the Venezuelan Armed Forces, compared George Bush to Hitler. He's not the only one. The NAACP last week said the same thing. It's actually been going on for a few years. George Bush is not the most conservative man in the United States, but he's been conservative enough to accomplish some important tasks on behalf of the people of the United States. I've seen US conservatism compared to Nazism before in debates I've been in, and the comparison is rather quite erroneous.

The word "Nazi" means "National Socialist". Hitler predicated it on such as the political formulations of Karl Marx in conjunction with the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, the cultural contributions of Richard Wagner and the science of Charles Darwin. The Nazi party was the means Hitler used to sell himself to the German people. He used this to justify abortion, euthanasia and ultimately genocide. Some bought the lie, the rest were intimidated into it. Prior to Hitler, the Germans were a loose band of Germanic states. Hitler's goal was to change the status quo and unify the Germans into one nation in order to conquer other nations and establish himself as the dictator. This is not a picture of socialism, but there has never been a socialist state that has not ended up looking like a dictatorship or an oligarchy of sorts. for example, socialist Cuba has a dictator. The Soviet Union was run by a small party - a ruling class, even if they never admitted to it. China is the same way. There are more Christians in China than there are members of the communist party that runs it. "Nazi" is a lie - an ideal that the people have no leader, but lead themselves. "No leader," however, means "no representation" either.

The fact is, US conservatism is diametrically opposed to Socialism in any form. The US is a Representative Republic that uses democratic elections to choose representatives. The US has people who wish to replace the Representative Republic with "Democratic Socialism". This is the same lie. Political "Conservatism" in the US is defined as the political position that the country should be conserved as a Representative Republic. "Liberalism" is a position that has a double meaning. First, it means that government should grow to encompass all aspects of US life. This is thinly veiled socialism. Second, its meaning is to sell the lie to the people. In other words, "liberal" means that the government should provide all peoples' needs liberally.

Liberals accuse conservatives of being imperialistic. Conservatives desire to free people from powers that oppress them. This is not what Hitler did. Hitler sought to oppress people by conquering them. Instead, liberals desire that the US be overthrown by socialist forces in the UN or elsewhere: forces that are themselves imperialistic.

here is a quick list that will sum up some of the key indicators of Nazism and compare them to US Liberals and Conservatives:

  1. Hitler spoke fervently in order to play on the emotions of people. I wish I had sound bites, but the following Americans come to mind: Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and Howard Dean. Rush Limbaugh doesn't have anything on the vitriol that these and others like them have used to rile up their supporters.
  2. Hitler wanted to nationalize the German States. Is it not Liberals who we have we heard from about nationalized healthcare, national education issues, higher national taxes, national welfare and social security? Granted, conservatives are strong on national defense, but this is a clear constitutional position.
  3. Hitler promoted abortion as well as euthanasia of the old, disabled or unwanted. These are modern liberal ideologies. Conservatives have consistently defined themselves according their opposition against these anti-life issues. For example, Republican Rudolph Giuliani is considered somewhat liberal because of his support for abortion.
  4. Hitler espoused Nietzsche’s atheistic existentialism which claimed that truth was entirely subjective and used it to justify genocide. The liberals haven't gotten to genocide yet, but they were the ones, through Hollywood, to move the US culture toward a nihilistic relativism identical to existentialism.
  5. Hitler created a program to indoctrinate youth with the socialistic and philosophical lies that he used to motivate people to follow him. Who has infiltrated school curricula in the US through national funding with an ideological agenda that denies key aspects of US history, science and literature? Conservatives serious about education typically fight for classical education versus the liberal revisionist education. Colleges and Universities are stocked with professors whose purpose it is to train up minds of mush into intellectually conflicted liberals.
  6. Hitler claimed to be socialist, but he sought a dictatorship. Who denies their ideological stance? Conservatives have no problem being identified as conservatives, but most liberals would rather call themselves "moderates."
  7. Hitler sought to subject people to his control. Liberals seek to subject the US population to the control of outside forces. Conservatives seek to free people from the control of others.

Hitler was not akin to today's US conservatives.


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