Monday, October 08, 2007

Festival of Tables

It's been a few days since I've posted. We've been getting ready for Festival of Tables. Also, I've updated the "I Will Go - Yo Iré" video with a live recording of yours truly. I'm no Steve Green, but it personalizes it.

Ok - Festival of Tables is a time to have fun and create an environment where women can relax at a nice table, have some good conversation, be waited on hand and foot by a team of men and be presented life-changing information. I wish I could get a picture of all the people, but it's not conducive for photo-bugging once the evening gets started. One does the best one can prior to the evening and theres only a limited time once the candles are lit.

Now, it must be said, that the tables are typically decorated by women who in turn invite friends to sit with them. There are often enough places left for women who want to come and dine to have a place. The women who decorate a table will typically serve as hostess to the table. There have been a few creative husbands who have greatly desired to gotten roped into decorating their wives' tables over the years. Some have suggested that we start a men's Festival of Tables. Masculine themes like yardwork, engineering, home improvement and great theologians sound like fun. I would say sports, but a few of the women are doing sports themes.

My table My wife's table this year was a Venezuela theme. I created a Venezuelan Flag using three pieces of material three yards each - yellow, blue and red. I cut the 8 stars out of felt. I used a cake riser with a small flag on the bottom tier and yellow tissue paper to cover the top two. The top tier had a mixed array of three candles to emulate the eclectic nature often found in Venezuela out of necessity. On the other two tiers and on the table around the cake riser I arranged various pieces of pottery and clay craft trinkets we have received as gifts from our brothers and sisters there. The place settings were chosen to emulate the traditional thatch huts that still dot the water's edge of the rivers. These huts were the reason Spanish explorers named the area "Venezuela" or "Little Venice".

My wife's table Heather Canon's table, was a theme based on a women's ministry that grew out of Girlfriend Connection. This new ministry is called "Silver Boxes". That was the theme at the table:

This was the lobby:

These were the rest of the tables. Click on any to see them closeup:

One notable table was by Katie Hatchet. She had some sort of decorated structure with a tree from the table growing up through the top. Her theme was "Thanksgiving":

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