Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Magi Infiltration

I've always wondered about the magi. Who were they, really? I've read speculations and seen them on Bible-lite TV programs. The scholarship most likely correct by my estimation is that they were men of Persia tasked with the handling of great knowledge and consulted for the same.

I've heard speculation about this star. I've heard it speculated that it was some astrological conjunction rather than an astronomical anomaly. According to the text of the Bible the star was seen in the east which would have been in the opposite direction from which the magi had to travel. They knew they had to travel west for they were from the east. The star moved until it lay over Bethlehem. The magi had already come to Jerusalem. The difference is a mere 5 miles. The "star" was perhaps not even astronomical if one could distinguish the difference between it hovering over Bethlehem and were it to hover over Jerusalem. So how did they arrive at the conclusion that this star was going to lead them to Judea?

Well, it's always cool when you learn something new. I believe they had knowledge that this was going to happen. I just read this article which notes that the Hebrew prophet Daniel, during the exile, was appointed chief of the Magi in Persia. Read Daniel 4:9; 5:11. A true prophet of God... Would he not leave information of the future coming of the messiah? It's too cool how God used the exile to glorify the incarnation of His Son and bring prophesy through the gifts as to His status as king, priest and savior.

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