Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Old Photos - Comparisons

In my last photo post I showed a picture of my dad:

...followed by a picture of me:

I have some other comparison photos that you may enjoy...

Between high school and college, Mom served as a missionary for a couple of years in the Appalachians. She helped start a church in Caney Valley near Surgoinsville, TN. This is a picture she took back around 1960 of the church that was built for the people there:

About 11 years ago, I went up and found the church. It's still being used, but hasn't changed much; neither has the valley.

This is a picture of my wife-to-be, Lois, and her dad back around 1980. This was about the same time when we first met. I was in youth at church with all of her older siblings just after Mom died and Dad remarried:

A few years ago, my wife discovered that she still had that old outfit. Our daughter, Hope, was about the same age as my wife when the picture was made so Lois dressed her up in it and had her dad hold her for a photo:

Here's a 2-in-1. I'm on the left. My oldest son, Luke, is on the right:

Here's an old picture of me trying to push my dad into the piano. This piano was the same one on which I learned to play:

This is the piano that belonged to my dad's parents. Pa-paw wanted to give it to me, so we brought a truck one year and hauled it home. That's my youngest son, Luke looking like he's about to fall off the piano bench there:

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