Monday, July 14, 2008

Recent Activities

To all who follow this, Lois and the kids are back in Venezuela for several weeks. She has a full itinerary. Last year, she wasn't certain at any time what she was going to be doing. She did a lot of things, but could have done much more if it was organized a bit better. This year she pushed our missionary, Ised, for a full itinerary up front and got it.

She will be doing many of the things she did last year such as women's cell groups and children's Bible lessons in mission areas. Some additional activities include building relationships with other churches in nearby towns and helping take the gospel to the Yucpa Indians.

As for me, I've been preoccupied and haven't had the chance to post much lately. I've had all kinds of neat thoughts about such things as discipleship, absolute truth and crises in ministry, but just not the chance to type them up in a coherent way. So, forgive the lack of posts lately and I'll get back at it while I can.

Lois plans to keep us updated on the blog she started last year for this purpose. Her Internet access is rather limited this year, however, so she may not be able to post often. subscribe to her feed so you can get the updates as they happen.

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