Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who is an African-American?

I keep hearing/reading patent lies and I won't go through them all - just one: Barak Obama, if elected, will not legally be the nation's first African-American president. Why is this? Because he's not, by legal definition, an African-American. His father was from Africa, but was mostly Arabic, not African. Which makes me ask questions:

1) Would Obama's father be an Arab-African?
2) If true, would Obama be half Arab-African-American?
3) Do many American's consider white South Africans who move to the US to be African-American?
4) If a white missionary couple from the United States bear and raise children in Africa, would their kids be considered American-African?

Think about these things for awhile and you realize how silly the whole thing is.

I recently did some missions with some South Africans, both black and white on the same team, where we ministered to yet another ethnic group altogether. The question was never asked, but one of the white South Africans answered it anyway. He said that he considers how there was a day when Apartheid was the rule in his county. God changed his heart as well as the hearts of white and black South Africans alike. Now they work side-by-side to bring the gospel to yet another group of people. That's what he said and I believe it by what I saw of them.

It matters not who will be the "first" of any kind of people to fill any kind of position. This goes for Sarah Palin as well as Barak Obama. I like Palin, but not because she's a woman - and I'm getting tired of hearing people say that she's "championing the cause of women". She has good principles beyond that and the fortitude to stick with them. That should be enough.

I don't like Obama. I haven't seen anything he's ever done that backs up his rhetoric and I detest the fact that he demonstrably champions infanticide: the killing of human beings from botched abortions, not to mention abortion itself. If that makes me a songle-issue voter, so be it. I'd rather be a single-issue voter over the issue of infanticide than over the issue of racial or gender identity.

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