Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where'd the Bread and Milk Go? 'Snow-where to be Found

It's that special time of year in North Carolina where you hear about a presidential inauguration and have to find a few tens of thousands of porta-potties. Okay, wrong story...

Let me try again:

It's that special time of year in North Carolina where one feels compelled to go to the grocery store to stock up on bread and milk only to find that everyone else already beat you to it. Okay, either the stores have gotten wise to this trend and stocked up for the rush or people finally realize that they're not really going to run out of bread and milk. Because it wasn't that bad today when Lois sent me to the store for a few groceries - including bread and milk.

It's also a time when an inch means that everyone not self-employed wakes up hours early to watch the big three networks see if their place of business will be open. Actually, it does sound like the inauguration, except that because of the economy fewer people will be waking up early to see if they need to go to work.

You know, I'm less and less excited about this with each paragraph. (Yes, I just used a neo-Kennedyism.)

But this news is something that is not too common in North Carolina. I'm originally from Ohio so I know how it is. My friend, Kim, just informed me that it's not snowing in New York...

...but in NC there is SNOW!!

Hey! I hear you guys from the north laughing at this piddly amount of snow, and I agree. But we'll have the last laugh. It'll probably all melt by noon tomorrow (like it usually does) having raised our spirits and gone away on it's own...

...completely unshoveled! Yes!!!

I wish I could say the same for the government.

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