Thursday, April 02, 2009

Just Another Geek Moment

My dad sent me this cartoon with a few others. I immediately identified with it:

The scary part is that I did this long ago and my Icons are my kids, both at home and here at the plant. Here is the upper left hand side of the Windows desktop I'm working on:

Luke is My Computer. He's my follow-the-rules guy making sure that we all follow the rules. Hope is my artist and loves to write too, so she's My Documents. Paul goes from room to room misplacing things. I call him the Paulinator (homonym: pollinator). So he's My Network Places. Don't fret over Lois being the Recycle Bin. I'm the other icon for the Recycle Bin. She shows up when there's stuff in the Recycle Bin for no other reason than there's usually stuff in the Recycle Bin and I'd rather look at her than me.

The sounds on my computer are my kids saying things like "up", "down", "open", "close", "uh-oh", "Hey, Dad, I got the mail", and "I love you, daddy." I've had versions of these icons and sounds on my PCs for years now.

Yes, I'm a geek.

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