Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What's the Line Between Initiative and Presumptuousness?

No one has perfect motives.

All Christians are called to some function within the Body of Christ for which we are told we must take initiative.

Many initiate things that are contrary to their calling. This is presumptuous.

If we are to take the seat of least honor so that we are called to a seat of greater honor (Luke 14) and not think more highly of ourselves than we ought (Romans 12:3) then that presumes that we can think to highly of ourselves.

Do some not say that we would have a burning in our heart for our calling? That seems rather visceral.

So then, what's the line between initiative and presumptuousness?

I dare someone to answer (and I doubt anyone will).

There are two tracks of reason: Either: (1) we must have accountability from godly friends; or (2) God accounts for our presumptuousness;

...or both.

I heard a message recently that encouraged each Christian to have in their lives at any given time a "Paul" (mentor), a "Barnabus" (peer), and a "Timothy" (apprentice). What if a Christian lacks all three and lacks the capacity to obtain them? Doesn't God know we have this need and would provide? What if he goes for a long time without providing?

Well, if he doesn't provide then he doesn't require.

Therefore, either you are presumptuous as you bumble around trying to figure out what God wants you to do and trying a little bit of everything or you just have to sit back and never take the initiative on anything. That doesn't sound right, but there is no other conclusion.\

So I ask again:

What's the line between initiative and presumptuousness?

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