Sunday, March 07, 2010

Festival of Tables, March 2010, Table 12

This was my... er, my wife's table. This resurrection theme features a flower cross covered with daisies and a red rose on either side in the center. The hill is made by vines and a hanging plant set down with its weave of runners creating a hill effect. The tomb was sculpted with clay and painted by my kids. A simple small LED flashlight hidden my tissue casts light from the interior. My daughter provided some appropriate animals from her Littlest Pet Shop collection. The chair covers were made from pillow cases.

My daughter came up with the idea of putting a lion and lamb from her LPS collection together by the tomb.

To construct a flower cross: make a cross from wood boards and wrap with chicken wire with enough space between the wire and the boards for flower stems. You can order daisies from your local florist by the bundle of several stems of several flowers each. If you have flowers in bloom naturally, you can bring azalea sprigs, dogwood, rhododendron, bradford pears, etc from all over. Don't steal the flowers from the highway. It's probably against the law in your area.

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