Friday, July 09, 2010

Gone and Back Again

I'm back from an absence of a few months while I accomplished some tasks. Among them:

1. Editing the video for last year's Christmas program at my church:

2. Recording and editing a few tracks for a CD with Jessi Shannon. This was a quick turn-around project, but it still took considerable time and effort for three engineers to put together in a couple of months.

3. Preparing materials for a trip to India where we held a pastor's conference and women's conference, and took the gospel door-to-door as well as presented it in an open-air format. i may yet post some photos.

Despite not writing during this time I have not thought less. I have slowly worked through Van Til and am still working on reading Bahnsen. I may publish my final broad analysis of presuppositional apologetics as presented by these two. Many of the things I have thought I have boiled down to pithy quotes and posted as Facebook status updates. But I also have a couple of more recent considerations that I have written and will post in short order.

So, to myself, welcome back.

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