Monday, October 25, 2004

The REAL Big Brother

...and I'm not talking about spying on billions of people and knowing everything they're thinking.

No, I'm talking about that big brother that shows up at school and runs the bully off. I'm talking about that big brother that catches you doing something you shouldn't and taking you out behind the shed himself so Dad doesn't have to find out. I'm talking about the big brother who breaks up the fight at the sand lot ball game and making everyone make up so we can get on with the game. Sometimes he's the big brother you love to hate, but he kinda keeps things on an even keel. Okay, he's the kind of big brother you might find in the 1950's, but this kind of big brother is the kind of big brother the US is today.

Throughout history there have been empire after empire. One empire falls and another rises to take its place. In Asian history, there have been such as the Chinese and Japanese Dynasties and Empires. In Middle Eastern history there have been such as the Babalonian, Assyrian and Persian Empires. In Western history, there have been the likes of the Roman and British empires. Two hundred years ago the super-nation of the United States of America was in formation. Last centrury another super-nation, the Soviet Union, had a relatively brief life. As the turn of the century has approached, the old nations of the Roman Empire have been trying to re-form as the European Union.

The effect of the empire or super-nation is that of the big brother. It's a stablizing force. Not everyone is going to like it and no one every has. But such imposed peace is generally necessary. The fall of the Soviet Union released hundreds of socialist operatives (You don't think they just all decided to turn ove a new leaf, did you?) with the purpose of infiltrating the ideologies of the remaining key nations. They have somewhat established the EU and have focused more on the US. McCarthy was on to something, but his approach was all wrong.

The point is, while there are powerful ideologies and a couple of other large nations left, the US is yet the big brother. We shouldn't expect anyone else to like us all the time, but notice how they flock here to take advantage of the benefits of being in the US? We are the stablizing force and if we shirk the responsibility, millions of people pay with their lives.

Better us than than the EU.


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