Friday, January 21, 2005

Atheism, Liberalism, and God

The atheist may argue that we should not impose religion on him. While he is correct, he must understand that faith in God is altogether a different thing than religion. One can be religious without having faith in God. One can have faith in God without practicing any form of religion. The fact is that the bill of rights hinges on the existence of a “Creator” – rightly understood to be a reference to a classical apologetic of God. To deny the existence of God is to dismiss the bill of rights as untenable. It is a judgment that allows the atheist to believe that he transcends the bill of rights and even the constitution.

I hold, instead that the atheist’s position is untenable. Certainly, there’s no hope in it. But the notion that there is no Creator denies the self-evident truth that there must be some absolute origin. You can’t trace causes backwards infinitely. If you buy pure naturalism back to the Big Bang, even the Big Bang would have had to have been caused by something. At the very least, this philosophical definition of God suffices to assent to the notion that “we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.”

This is why socialism is part and parcel with atheism, neither of which I believe actually exists. Socialism usually ends up as cloaked oligarchy if not outright fascism. There must always be a leader. Socialism is a false ideal that is sold to a population in order to get them to willingly step into the prison just before the door is shut. I don’t believe in atheists either. If I were to follow the relativism inherent in atheism, then it would be okay for me to say that and have it be entirely true. Outside of the absurdity of such a comment, I believe all people have faith in something. We must in order to function. For example, I placed faith in my chair before I sat in it. I have every evidence that the chair holds my weight.

The atheist often has faith in himself. As such, he is his own god. The liberals are like this. Liberals don’t like God because people have faith in God instead of having faith in them. As such, they want to be gods to other people. Therefore, they would rob the bill of rights of its foundation and position themselves as arbiters of liberty.

Just a few thoughts...