Thursday, December 01, 2005

Oil and Genesis

Currently, the acceleration due to gravity near the earth's surface is 9.81 meters per second per second. If the earth's surface were 30,000 feet closer to the center of the earth, the acceleration due to gravity would be reduced by almost 1% to 9.71 or 9.72 meters per second per second. This is important when you consider that the orbit of the moon would have to be significantly different. By significantly, I mean that if it weren't different, it wouldn't stay in orbit. That means that if the earth was that much smaller, then the moon would not have been in orbit. If it were, the orbit of the earth about the sun would have been different. If the orbit of the earth about the sun would have been different even by a slight amount, then the earth could not be millions of years old.

Incidentally, the effect of all these factors is part of the reason I believe the earth to be much younger than commonly believed. How do we explain the time it takes light to reach us from distant galaxies? I suggest that much of the universe may be older than the earth because of extreme time dilation early in the genesis of the universe. Special relativity reveals that while time in this universe may be linear, it's rate of progression is relative to the

I've studied physics to a much greater extent than I've studied geology. I don't know all the theories geologists have as to where the layers of geological strata come from. Are they part of some natural churning of the earth's crust? If so, then depth doesn't matter as far as age and I suspect that strata would be radically different in different locations around the world. If this is the case, then I suspect this churning must be something more than the volcanic activity we have observed throughout human history. In this case, could such churning happen again to create very deep oil deposits?

If the strata, on the other hand, were deposited gradually over a long period of time from space dust, then we would expect to see occasionally unique layers that are relatively consistent throughout the world except from volcanic activity, tectonic warping, floods, astrological collisions and biological excavation and transformation. If this were to happen, then the changing mass of the earth would affect not only earth, but would increase the overall mass of the entire solar system which would have thrown us severely out of orbital regularity. Another obstacle to this is that if the strata were deposited by space dust, then the earth was likely nearly completely covered with water at one point unless the ocean floor has a similar thickness of space dust as on land. Even then, the fact that the earth would have had less surface area, there would be less holding area for water - unless water has been pouring from outer space as well.

If the strata is relatively uniform in the space dust model, but you realize the problems with the model, then the only solution is that the strata today was caused by a global churning-type event, whatever that may have been.

Here's my point - we have less a clue of what our planet is than we realize. The oil being found 30,000 feet underground didnot get deposited when the earth had a diameter 60,000 feet less than it has today. Either the oil is not a biological byproduct, or something else is happening. Not knowing much about geology, I don't know if this is possible, but it is something to ask. Before the widespread burning of oil, there were more forest fires and men burned more wood. Volcanic activity has spewed more carbon into the atmosphere than we have pumped from the ground. The oceans contain the biological resources for filtering the carbon from the air and at times are quite efficient at it. If carbon continues to go into the oceans, where does that carbon go? Sure, we fish some of the carbon out as seafood, but not enough to account for the carbon absorbed. Perhaps this carbon finds its way into the vast crevasses in the ocean floor and turns into oil deposits. It's just a theory and I may be way off base. The oil has to be coming from somewhere.


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