Thursday, January 18, 2007

Her Name is Genesis!

The little girl I'm holding in the Maracaibo city dump is who I'm referring to. My avatar, at the time of this writing, is cropped from this picture taken by Jeff Gross, who happened to have his little camera out and ready to snap:

I knew her name was pronounced "HEN-eh-see", but I was sure I didn't have a good spelling for it. Just now I was IM-ing with Ised, a missionary we are associated with in Cabimas. She has worked with the people in Maracaibo in this area before. I mentioned that I blog and sent her a couple of links. I pointed out my avatar and typed in "Hennessee" for her name and mentioned that the spelling was probably wrong. Ised typed back ,"Her name is Genesis."

The moment captured in this photo was perhaps the most poignant for me of the whole trip that year. When Genesis and her mother, Maria, chanced upon us on the dump, Maria constantly praised God for all that He does for her. Genesis had been deathly ill a year earlier and He healed her. Both of them gave each of us warm hugs and welcomed us to their...

...neighborhood... their home.

I'm not ashamed to type that my vision (physically) is clouded by addition moisture as I type these words.

Genesis: What a fitting name for such a lovely child in such a place that so many would call "God-forsaken." The gospel has been brought here. Maria, Genesis and many of their neighbors are now numbered among my brothers and sisters in Christ. Genesis' home is anything but God-forsaken.


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