Friday, April 20, 2007

A Significant Life

Do you sometimes feel as though you go through life trying to do your best for God, yet relatively unnoticed?

This weekend, I'm participating in a play at church entitled, "A Significant Life." It was written by our own Katie Hatchet. A lady named Mary Brandon who has labored in relative obscurity in her church has passed away. We hear about her from an otherwise unconcerned couple who go to church with her as they sit and watch a news and entertainment program featuring great people who have also recently passed away. Among these is a senator whose life has been transformed, a US soldier who died heroically in Iraq, a great Olympic athlete from Russia and a famous football star who had become an associate pastor. At the end, we learn how these people are Mary's great legacy. I play one of the newscasters and sing the final song, "Faces", as Mary stands among the saints whose eternal lives were due in part to God working through Mary's faithful life. The lyrics of the song I sing sum up the play nicely:


I dreamed my life was done
And I stood before God's Son
It was time to see what my reward would be
With love He reviewed my life
To count what was done for Christ
For that was what would last eternally

See I'd done my best to share
that Jesus really cares
And He would save if they would just believe
Oh but seldom did harvest come
So few did I see won
Until the Lord said, "Turn around and see."

Then He showed me the faces of the ones who'd come because of me
So many faces that my life had led to Calvary
All those years I though nobody saw as I labored in lonely places
That's when Jesus smiled and showed me all the faces.

He said, "Though you did not see the yield"
"You were faithful to plow the field"
"And other times you helped me plant the seed"
"No matter how small the task"
"You did just as I ask"
"And thanks to you these souls have been set free"


And for those years you thought nobody saw as you labored in lonely places
One day He'll smile and show you all the faces
You'll see their faces

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