Thursday, April 05, 2007

Human Leadership in a Fallen World

What I’ve noticed about human leadership is that we all function with limited knowledge. Human leadership is when one draws conclusions from ignorance and bullies, guilts or persuades others to do what one has determined needs to be done. All this stuff about “vision” and “purpose” are platitudes that serve to help the leader convince himself and his subordinates that there is a higher reason for their actions.

Except… where leaders operate under the authority of another.

And no human leaders are truly autonomous.

We are all subject to higher authority. The CEO of a corporation has a board to answer to. The board has stockholders. The owner of a private company has government regulations. A leader at the very least is held sway by the lives of his subjects. If they die, he is no longer their leader. In any case, we are all ultimately subject to our Creator. We are either dominated by our propensity to sin and are filled by demonic influence as limited by God or we are filled by God’s Holy Spirit.

That said: God works through fallen human leaders despite our stubborn ignorance.

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