Sunday, March 11, 2007

Busy Sunday, But Full of Worship

Sunday mornings I get up early, make breakfast, make coffee for my wife, wake her up and leave for the early service. We have two identical services at Western Avenue Baptist Church (in Statesville, NC) and I go to ensure that we have enough tenors for the singing. After the singing, the choir vacates for the preaching. At this time, I go to run sound and make sure the fellowship hall is ready for our 150 member Sunday School class. My wife gets the kids up, feeds them and brings them for Sunday School. After Sunday School, I put the sound equipment up and run to the choir room to join the choir for the second service. Usually we all go home, eat lunch and nap.

Today was different. I left from church and drove to Westside Church of Christ in Charlotte to hear The Good News Singers From Harding University. They are directed by Chuck Hicks, a fellow blogger at blogster known as Transposer. Most importantly he is a brother in Christ. His student singers are likewise Christians and devoted to worshiping Christ through music. I sat and worshiped to some of the most beautiful acapella music I've heard. It ranks up there with Take 6 and Zambian Acapella. I wish I had brought money to snag on of their CDs.

Chuck's Good News Singers features 4 male and 4 female voices. I had considered an un-miked group like this for evangelism a few years ago. No set-up, no instruments: walk into a public area with the singers and a couple of people to stay in prayer. Start singing. Music draws a crowd. Mix it up with a short skit, a testimony and a presentation of the gospel. Be ready to talk/pray with anyone who is interested and leave. I'm a horrible salesman and couldn't generate interest in it. Maybe it's not a good idea. After all, I don't have common sense.

After the concert, I left and zoomed across town to Plantation Estates in Matthews where I sang with The Cantamos Choir. Then it was back to Statesville for Sunday evening church. (Very soon to be Dr.) Jeff Spry offered a well-researched disclosure of the facts - and fiction - behind the recent Jesus ossuary hubbub. (It's not posted at the church website as of this writing. You can check here later if you want to hear what he had to say.)

Busy day? Yes. But I spent it meeting with all kinds of people in worship. And I got to meet Chuck, the man behind the words over at blogster. God bless.

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