Thursday, March 08, 2007


I'm having fun posting videos on Xanga from work. Here are links to two that I've done:

He Reigns

This video is part of a series I did in 2005 after we returned from our first trip to Venezuela. This video is the first in the series and tells the story of our travel to and first day in Venezuela. Our team couldn't get booked on one plane to go to Maracaibo. Consequently, we were split up. Team 1 had a delayed connecting flight and couldn't get rescheduled until the next day. Team 2 (my team) went on ahead and did the first day's medical/carnival and evangelistic service that evening. The place we were ministering was in the approaching flight path for the airport and someone snapped a photo of the plane carrying team 1 to us. After the service, we went back to the hotel and greeted team 1 as they arrived.

AFO Barium Springs Concert

This is a music video I did to include with a couple hours of other missions videos I created and assembled for the missions fair last month. All For One (AFO) is a youth choir that consists of contingencies of youth from a few different churches in our area. They put on a Christmas concert this past year at our church in which I participated. One of the songs we did was about remembering orphans during the Christmas season. The AFO choir had spent some time at the local youth home in Barium Springs, NC. I included photos in the video from this excursion.

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