Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Origins Debate

I’ve been reading comments in some blogs lately about evolution and creation. I gave a class on the origins debate this past fall and analyzes the philosophical foundations that drive the science behind each side. I posted unreferenced class notes on my blogster blog so that my students could access them easily. I submit links to them here for your perusal.

I’m not currently a scientist, but I was a gifted physics major in college:

I am a young-earth creationist and I make that clear here:

In an effort to accurately portray the thinking of naturalistic science, I offered the best arguments I could find in favor of macroevolution:

There are philosophical foundations for scientific discovery and they intersect Biblical revelations of Christ Himself.

These same philosophical foundations have been debated for a couple or few millennia and today this debate has provided the presuppositions for the different sides in the origins debate:

There are especially theological implications of the debate:

Given the presuppositions, here is my analysis of the naturalistic science from above with the re-evaluation from a creation science perspective:

As a parenthetical, with respect to the age of the universe, we must answer some quasi-creationist thinking with respect to the age of the universe:

(By the end of the quarter, I only had time for one loaded class worth of an analysis of genetic mutation.)

I had offered additional materials in the classroom that I didn’t publish in this blog series, but this should give an overview for any who are interested. I encourage you not to simply take what I have here as truth, but to do the research for yourself. I have the references available, but don’t have the time to go back and apply them right now.


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