Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We Have Broadband!!!!

We have broadband at the house now. I can upload and download information at an alarming rate. I can watch videos without waiting an hour for it to download. I can upload videos from home. Neat programs like Google Earth work blindingly fast.
What did we ever do without it?

Before broadband, we had dialup. This was great. We had e-mail. We had access to all sorts of information. We could contact people without the expense of long distance. We could do banking without having to go to the bank or send a check through the mail. It was a wonderful tool for cmmunication.
What did we ever do without the internet?

Before the internet, we only had just a computer. We could type documents and save them to be edited and printed at will. We could play neat games. We could set up a budget and have monetary calculations performed automatically. We could store information like recipes and encycolpedia without taking up precious shelf space.
What did we ever do without it?

Before that, we only had a typewriter and some board games in the closet. If I made a mistake typing, I had to start over. However, it was much neater than my handwriting and looked professional. I remember when the first calculators came out. They made doing math so much easier. For board games, you had to get everyone together in order to play. All that inconvenient socialization doesn't sound too bad. Actually, it was rather nice.
What did we ever do without a typewriter to make our letters look neat?
What did we do before we had calculators for our difficult math problems?
What did we do before we had games to pull the family together?

In days before I remember, we wrote by hand. Only a few centuries ago, the printing press made mass production of written works like the Bible possible. Otherwise, even the founding documents of the USA were hand-written. There was an art to this. Calculations had to be performed by hand. Amazingly, Newton was able to develop calculus. How did he do that without a calculator? We had little time for games. We had to join together to work. Food production and construction took time. Manufacturing was done by hand by artisans who had to learn their trade over a period of years working with a master. Yet, all this hard work seemed to bring neighbors together.
What did we do before this great hard work?

Adam and Eve had fellowship with the Father.

Our advancements are an attempt to combat the curse of the fall. At the fall, we suffered separation, not just rom God, but from each other. Hard work was necessary to bring us together through our fallen struggle. It's not supposed to be easy. I'm not necessarily better off in my fallen struggle now that I have broadband. We are surrounded by amazing tools today. However, the struggle is still the same. We have tools to maintain. They are tools that bring us together in new and different ways...

...but we still have the same struggle.

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