Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rough Outline for Discipleship Training

I've been gathering a few materials and considering a structure within which to place these materials for training Christian mentors. This is why I haven't had much spiritual insight to convey lately. I now have a rough outline and will start to fill in the blanks in the coming weeks.

There are some considerations for developing a course for training more mature Christians to disciple Christians who are younger in their faith. First, the training must address the spiritual maturity of the mentors. Second, the key information overlaps at all levels and any outline is merely a contrivance for imposing linear organization for the purposes of instruction. Because mentors and disciples are individuals with any combination of styles and needs, there is no singe technique that works in every circumstance. Therefore, it is more fruitful to give a set of principles for the mentor to keep in mind rather than hold him or her to a particular methodology. That stated, this is my rough outline. I question its comprehensiveness. If there is anything I have missed, please feel free to point this out (note equivalent terms).



The Great Commission

Goal: Spiritual Maturity and the Use of God’s Gifts

Reliance on God (Piety)





The Struggle for Understanding


Devotional Study (personal situation)

Theological Study (grounded in truth)

Studying With Others


Bearing the Burdens of Others

Fulfilling the Great Commission

Key: Relationships, Godly Wisdom

Considering Others First

Loving Enough to Correct

In the World, Not Of the World

Purpose: Glorifying God Alone



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