Friday, August 17, 2007

Beckwith vs. White on the Canonicity of Scripture

I'm still catching up on work and reading after a week in Venezuela. In due time I will have video, photos and accounts. I was skimming through my regular blog reads and found an informative jewel. In the comments of a post on the Stand to Reason blog, Dr. James White debates Frank Beckwith over the canonicity of scripture. For those who don't know, Frank Beckwith resigned his post as the President of the Evangelical Theological Society to return to full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Dr. White is the Director of the Alpha and Omega Ministries and a highly regarded Christian apologist and reformed theologian.

In case you missed the link in the text above, find a couple of hours and grab a pot of coffee for this informative debate.

Edit (8/18/2007):
The comment debate at Stand to Reason devolved into a muddy mess of superfluous ad hominem posts by other commenters. To make the read a little easier, Dr. White distilled the debate on his site filtering for only he and Dr. Beckwith's comments. There are also a number of posts detailing an interview of Dr. Beckwith on Dr. White's radio program.

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