Saturday, July 14, 2007

Internet Romance

Tonight I met my aunt and uncle for supper at the Crawdads cafe. Then we went to our seats and watched a good baseball game with my cousins. As we talked I came to confess that I'm having an Internet romance.

That's right. While I've been alone at home this summer I've taken up with a wonderful woman over the Internet. She's 32 and has a web cam just like me.

She likes chocolate and peanut butter. Her favorite color is purple.

She can also write lyrics, but hasn't done so in a while. (I've been looking for a lyricist to partner with. She just may be the one.)

She's also a Christian, which is a good thing, and does various women's and children's ministries.

She loves music and sings soprano in her church choir.

She loves kids and teaches school at Maple Grove Christian Academy. She also likes missions and is on a mission trip with her students.

Did I mention that I'm the headmaster at Maple Grove Christian Academy?

Did I also mention that Maple Grove Christian Academy is a home school?

Oh, and did I mention that my Internet romance happens to be with my wife of nearly 12 years?

I was in a play called "A Significant Life" at church a couple of months ago. I played a TV news reporter. My fellow reporter was Katie Hatchet, the writer and co-director of the play. We were set up on stage left. On stage right was Scott and Debbie Williamson, a married couple who were playing a stereotypical middle class married couple watching us on TV. We were the setting for a series of scenes playing on center stage. The couple would speak with each other and Katie and I would play out a news and commentary program and then a pertinent scene would play.

One scene had Scott and Debbie conversing, then it switched to Katie and I, then Scott and Debbie had a couple of lines before the scene. We were rehearsing this scene one evening as the opening night was nearing. Rodney Harrison, our worship leader, was setting up some mics in front of Scott and Debbie with his daughter sitting in a seat behind him. Scott and Debbie finished their lines and Katie and I started our lines. As we spoke, Debbie got up and sat back down in her husband's lap. They each promptly forgot that they had any more lines in the scene.

When Katie and I finished our section, we waited on Scott and Debbie to start their lines, but all we heard was them quietly muttering sweet nothings to each other. Katie looked over and shouted, "Hey! Start acting like a married couple!"

Without hesitation, Rodney added, "Yeah! I wouldn't want my daughter to see anything she doesn't see at home."

Husbands and wives - this observation from my aunt: if you're married, there's no reason you can't still be boyfriend and girlfriend. Treat each other to the romance of your lives.

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