Friday, June 08, 2007

Personality Profile

Another good lead from fathersonandholyspirit.
This pretty well pegs me:

Myers-Briggs Type Descriptions
Updated 02/27/01 - John Lortz ( and Susan Leavitt (
A Brief Description of the Myers-Briggs Types
with Typical Occupations
INFp (introverting, intuiting, feeling, perceiving)
Devoted, compassionate, open-minded, and gentle. Dislikes rules orders, schedules, and deadlines. Likes learning and being absorbed in own projects. Has passionate convictions, and drive for ideals. Sets high standards for self. Idealistic, sensitive, and creative. Can be reserved and contemplative.
Typical Occupations

actor massage therapist teacher
architect musician writer
artist occupational therapist
composer photographer
consultant psychotherapist
editor religious educator
holistic health practitioner researcher
interpreter or translator scientist
journalist social scientist
librarian speech pathologist

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