Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I've Been Tagged ...

By curiouslady. I need to think of 8 things and tag 3 other people.

  1. It took 40 years for me to realize that I had curly hair. I thought it was straight with a slight wave because I've always trained it that way thinking that those stray hairs were just being misfits. My barber mentioned to my wife recently that I have curly hair and I had to consider that those "stray hairs" were just acting normal. So the onset of my controlled "mid-life crisis" involves letting my hair be curly once in a while.
  2. I've studied music, physics and Bible in 6 colleges and universities.
  3. I was a horrible music student and a great physics and Bible student. However, I've since been a professional musician while I've never made a dime at physics or Bible.
  4. My parents thought I was crazy for wanting to be a musician.
  5. I have enough control over my facial muscles to do the wave with my eyebrows.
  6. While I write primarily with my right hand (it's easier when writing from left to right) I'm ambidextrous.
  7. I have a mild case of ADHD. Neither of my parents had it, but my kids all seem to have inherited it to some degree, especially my daughter. My wife doesn't find it amusing.
  8. I taught myself Phoenician (not the whole language) in middle school and then taught it to a couple of buddies so we could pass notes in class so no one would know what we wrote if we got caught. Can you imagine what would go through a teacher's mind if (s)he looked at a confiscated note, asked what it was and heard the reply, "Why, it's Phoenician of course"?
Since it seems that Blogster is well saturated with people who have been tagged, I'll cross the boundary line and tag bloggers outside of Blogster.

I tag Kymmeigh, PaPaTevia and Oceans_Beautiful_View.



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