Saturday, May 19, 2007

Filming in the Bible Belt

I haven't posted on it because I haven't had much to say. I'm not big on our celebrity culture and don't pay too much attention to celebrities in general. George Clooney has been in our quiet little town of Statesville, NC, filming Leatherheads. He co-authored it, is directing it and starring in it. It's a football movie set in the 1920s. He has found a building or few in the area that fits the style of the time period and works well for the movie.

Whenever they are filming one can go downtown and see a small crowd observing. My wife and I went one evening to see what the hubbub was all about. I found it interesting that they were paying people to stand on either end of the section of street they have blocked off to shout that the cameras were rolling or had cut. We also happened to run across fellow members of the drama team from church who we learned had become regular observers.

Come to find out, these members of our church drama team had intentions other than star gazing. They have spoken to the crew and obtained prayer requests for the filming of the movie. What in the world are Christians doing praying for something so banal as the filming of a secular Hollywood movie? What is transpiring is something notable. Many of the specific prayer requests are being answered to the extent that the crew members have taken notice. The process of filming is generally time consuming and fraught with high pressures and short tempers in an effort to keep on schedule and within budget. The crew is observing that the filming here has been remarkable smooth and enjoyable to the extent that Mr. Clooney has sought to speak with these little prayer warriors of ours.

Does it matter for the Kingdom of God if this movie stays on schedule? No, but God has sent witnesses who pray. Did it matter whether Elijah's wet altar caught on fire? No, but God sent a witness to pray. The altar was consumed. The filming of this movie is going well. We pray that souls are awakened to the grace of God in Jesus Christ through the evidence of our actions. Hollywood has met the Bible Belt. We pray that lost souls meet Christ.

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