Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jerry Falwell - RIP

"Guys, this just in...Jerry Falwell is now a Calvinist!"

I found that off-topic quote among comments of a post at Triablogue. As a Reformed theologian (aka: Calvinist), I have to admit that I chuckled. Jerry Falwell was anything but a Calvinist. He is being remembered now, as he was observed last week, to be a colorful character. The best any of us can say of ourselves is that we are redeemed by Christ. Jerry bore that message as well. I suggest that whether its Reformed theology or some other theology, he likely knows the Truth now. Nevertheless, of all the things we say of him, may we say that he has given his best for God and that God has blessed us for it.

My highest regards to his family and to those who knew him well. Our prayers are with you.

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