Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Who Do Terrorists Want in the Oval Office?

Fundamentally, terrorism is not about winning wars. It's about affecting political change. What political change do terrorists hope to gain in the US? There are a couple I can think of: 1) Diminish support for Israel. 2) Ultimately impose sharia law in the US. As for sharia law, they don’t want us to know that this is their goal. Most terrorists believe that this is the goal. The instigators actually desire power – not unlike every other despot that has tried to rule the world. Sharia law is a convenient way to accomplish this because it provides a ready motivation for a subversive army of religious zealots.

Therefore, terrorism is an attempt to establish a global oligarchy disguised as a theocracy. To this end, they probably don’t care if a liberal or a conservative is in office at the moment. A liberal is less willing to put up a fight and they can accomplish more damage by appealing in our own court system. However, without a fight, they lose the imperative that direct terrorism affords. They attacked during the Clinton administration, but it didn’t amount to much. They attacked during the Bush administration and they quickly had everyone’s attention. So, if a liberal is in office, they may primarily lobby, debate and sue and occasionally attack. If a conservative is in office, they may primarily attack and occasionally lobby, debate and sue.

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