Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Around the House

I'm on vacation this week and methinks there's more work to do than can be done in a week. What will get done will get done. We are hosting a Memorial day cookout. It's Luke's b-day, his paw-paw's b-day and Lois and the kids' going away. I think we're up over 60 attendees with members of the Venezuela team and family all coming. Here are some photos of what we're doing today:

Here's the front porch. You can see where we're painting the railing and putting tin on the roof.

This is a closeup of the new color. The old color is the dark "monkey shine" and the new is the beige.

I'm painting the ceiling where we have rebuilt the roof. I'm kinda wishing we had decided to seal it in insyead of leaving it open.

Here is Lois' dad climbing up on the roof to work.

Here is Hope painting the rails.

Update on the house.... My father-in-law fell down the steps in the shed. At least he didn't fall off the roof. Nevertheless, he hurt himself somehow. He says nothing is broken, but we think he may have cracked a rib. He still won't go get it x-rayed. The roof needs to be finished and I'll go do it myself tomorrow. I'm done with half of the porch ceiling and it'll have to stay that way for now.



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