Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day Plus

We had a cookout for Memorial Day. Up north, this is called a barbecue. Down south, barbecue is a specific type of food, not an event. Nevertheless, my son's birthday is 5/31 and my father-in-law's birthday is 5/29, so we usually have a cookout about this time to celebrate. With my wife and kids leaving for Venezuela on 6/2 for 10 weeks, we also turned the event into a send-off party with the rest of the Venezuelan team here are some photos:

Alysha was the matron of honor at our wedding. She is in the pool with her youngest and our youngest.

Another pool picture.

At the far end of the porch is my wife's side of the family.

My wife's long-time friends and most of their chaps.

Some past, present and future Venezuela teens.

My brother and his wife - and the Sipes. The two IT guys hit it off. My brother does systems programming at Baptist Hospital and Steven does information security for Wachovia. Hank, in the back, lays tile while he studies Bible at Columbia International University, where I studied.

This is the first year for the Ellenburgs to go to Venezuela.

Anyone hungry?

Brent (center) and his family were the first from our church to go to Venezuela. Michael (left) is the team leader for this year's team. Janine (right) is the licensed testing practitioner who administers the yearly national test for our homeschooled kids.

My son and some of the other boys.

More really cool kids.

My daughter and her friend, just out of the pool.

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