Saturday, June 02, 2007

Departure to Venezuela

After staying up way too late last night (3am) packing and putting together last-minute details, my wife and children have departed for 10 weeks in Venezuela. I'll get to join them for the last week, but I'll have 9 weeks alone.

Michael and Peggy Furr arrived at our house just after 10:30 this morning and loaded up the luggage into the back of their SUV. Then we departed for the church for a prayer and send-off by the Venezuela team. We then left for Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. Lois and the kids checked their luggage and got off without a hitch.

After a tearful goodbye, the Furrs took me to lunch and back to their house for fellowship. Tonight we met with the Venezuela team at the Bowman's for turkey burgers and plenty of dessert. Lois called when they got to Miami and informed us that the flight to Maracaibo was delayed. After shuffling terminals and gates, the flight left two hours after the original plan. Lois called from the plane just before taking off. I haven't heard from them in Maracaibo yet, but expect to soon after they get through customs. She has a satellite phone with her, so connection shouldn't be any trouble.

I have some photos, but need to shower and rest. Perhaps tomorrow I'll update with some photos of their departure and word from their arrival in Venezuela.

Edit 6/3/2007 12:53am..
Lois just called from Maracaibo. They had a problem with a passenger and didn't get into the air until 9pm. After going through passport check, they are in line for customs. Ised, Adriana, Keny and Martin are visible in the lobby awating them for transport to Cabimas.

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