Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Weird Holiday

Sin makes things weird. If you thought the last post was spooky, this post demonstrates how weird a holiday can get. Arguably, the Reformation was not weird in and of itself. Or was it? Have you ever heard Lutherans try to pronounce Latin? How about a Reformation polka - a little Germanic humor about a serious event in church history:

The next weird thing is one of my own contrivances. I love codes and I lace much of what I do with them as a kind of a personal art form. I like to create significance where none is apparent. I'll break this rule for now and explicitly create a code for the season: a Halloween Lottery. The prize is fitting for Halloween - one that would make Edgar Allen Poe happy: a living human heart, only available upon the death of the current owner. Here's the winning number, only good for October:


There is only one person who has the information necessary to recognize that they possess the winning number. This person is the winner.

Saturday, I may go see my cousins enter the punkin' chunkin' contest here in Statesville.

Chunkin' punkins is weird. Many of the rest of us just carve them.

Whatever weirdness you get into tonight, stay safe and know that God loved you enough to provide the perfect sacrifice for your sin. We really are a weird lot when you look past all our attempts to hide it, but God can see past all this and He knows what we need. Trust Him.

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