Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Relative Time and Truth Games

How does Santa Claus deliver all those presents? It's more than just magic, it's science.

I like to play truth games with the kids. Paul is a little young to get the game, but Luke and Hope get it; and they participate very well. Daddy's truth games challenge the perception of reality. Sometimes I play by reacting to cartoon characters on the kids' programs as though they were real. I've also done the same with Santa Claus. The truth game is to figure out how Santa Claus delivers all those toys in just one night without losing sight of the fact that it's purely fiction.

My speculation is that Santa Claus is able to simultaneously fly and get around very quickly because he, his sleigh and reindeer are in a gravity well caused by the mass of all those toys at the center and the weight of the imaginations of all those kids who believe in him at the perimeter. This is why Santa goes away if kids don't believe in him anymore according to all the legends purported by the infallible Hollywood. He's simply unable to create the necessary gravity well.

Of course Santa doesn't exist. I know this empirically because no present has ever ended up under my tree that didn't come from someone I knew. There are atheists or even agnostics who may read this and conclude that the same sort of criteria can demonstrate the futility of believing in God. However, I argue that the physical and historical evidence as well as the philosophical derivation of bivalent logical calculus overwhelmingly demonstrates the necessity of a Creator. I won't go into all these now. That's not the purpose of this post.

Christ told His disciples to be the light of the world. He himself was the light of the world, born in a feed trough in a suburb of Jerusalem. This is a light that is still being shed in new parts of the world. Pray for Paulas in Nepal and his YWAM team as they have taken the gospel to a village where it has never been taken for Christmas. it is no truth game to assent to the truth of the gospel and have faith.

Even scientists play truth games and lead some theologians astray. The same scientists who will argue for the "big bang" theory will also argue that distant light from stars have taken billions of years to get here. Yet the big bang theoy has a flaw in its treatment of the speed of light and time dilation. Not understood is the relationship of space to the proximity of objects experiencing extreme time dilation and the passage of light through this space. I've always asked myself why this hasn't been fully investigated or if it has why it hasn't been seriously regarded. The answer is that scientists have been playing truth games.

I've investigated light and time dilation in bits and pieces, but Answers in Genesis has published a recent article which sums it up nicely. Just like Santa Claus, it's a matter of what you believe: As long as the belief in scientific myths like the big bang and the constancy of time are ascribed to, naturalism will persist. The truth, however, doesn't need our assent to be true. It is astonishing the distance light has traveled, but it needn't have taken billions of years to get here. Christ came from even beyond the boundaries of this temporal universe and he arrived precisely on time - the true light of the earth whose gift came to all at once: a gift that lay not under a tree, but hung on it affixed there with nails and adorned with ribbons of scarlet. A host of angels waited idly by for a command they would not receive as they watched the Light dispel the darkness of sin from among men.

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