Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lessons From the Moravian Church

There's a Pastor's Conference going on at Desiring God right now. This morning, Monroe Brewer, international director at the Center for Church Based Training, gave some lessons from the Moravian Church. This list concerning Christian parenting and missions was among them:

  • A child's brain is meant to be used. Respecting children includes taking their minds seriously.
  • Parents are the best teachers for their children. When others are involved in kids' education, it is still the parents responsibility.
  • Moral discipline follows mental discipline.
  • Children are special objects of Christ's concern. They have gifts like faith, humility, curiosity, and memory that adults have often largely grown out of.
  • Music is a significant teaching tool. It is often better to sing than to lecture.
  • Preparing a child to go on the mission field begins at birth or sooner through prayer.
  • Though not everyone will be missionaries, everyone should be prepared to be.

As a Christian homeschool dad and musician with a heart for missions, this resonates with me.

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