Thursday, January 24, 2008

Humor From Purgatorio

One humorous Christian blog that was left to lie fallow for a time has recently been reactivated. Marc Heinrich sees the value in letting his readers participate in the humor. Let me introduce Purgatorio to you. One of the types of reader participation is "You Supply the Caption". As an example, here are excerpts from the comments from a recent post:

"The rabbi again demonstrated his empeccable [sic] bowling form."

"The Hebrew Hammer’s sensei, a practicioner [sic] of Jew Do."

"An Orthodox master demonstrates the reverse testicle grab and yank, a signature technique of the homegrown Israeli art of self-defense - Jew Jitsu."

"Rabbi Greenpeace’s description of the Palestinian crossing into Egypt yesterday…using interpretive dance."

"Watch how I use this new Tai Chi technique to scratch my back."

"Sure, Matisyahu can rap. But can he do this?"

"Do a little dance, make a little love, Get down tonight. Get down tonight."

"Sadly, the Ninjew has not mastered the invisibility of the Ninja."

"Press release photo for coming movie: Crouching Rabbi, Hidden Hasid."

"I’m a little teapot…"

"Batrabbi takes to the streets of Goyim City in defense of peace, justice and the Hebrew way!"

"And all the goyim say I’m pretty fly, for a rabbi."

"Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh; Walk like an Egyptian"

“The Hassid is in the HOUSE!!!”



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