Saturday, January 12, 2008

Religiously Atheistic

An atheist who gets it - at least in part:

1:29-2:13 "It's still no more than a belief as with anything in life."

He doesn't drink because he doesn't see the point:

2:44-2:50 "I'm not at all judgmental of other peoples' rights to cloud their morality and impair their recollection skills."

He says he's nut judgmental, but he has little judgment anyway. What's the basis for his morality? Even "natural law" has a basis. After all, why would we be inclined to do unto others as we would have them do unto us? One can argue for a biological need for good sociological behavior, but what's the point if one doesn't get caught? The scary thing is that too many functional atheists already realize this. Nevertheless, he at least understands that he believes something he wants to believe and is willing to claim a false assurance. Otherwise, he wouldn't mind being proven wrong.

He seems like a decent fellow anyway and I pray the truth about God is revealed to him.

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