Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas Concert Video

A week ago I finished editing the video for the Christmas concert series at my church presented on December 7, 8 and 9. I've made the DVD and have uploaded the video. Most of the video is on GodTube, but it's a little buggy. However, YouTube has a nice feature where I can string several videos together in a playlist. I can even create a custom viewer. I've got all the video uploaded now to YouTube. So, if you have an hour and a half to sit back and enjoy a Christmas Concert over the Internet, now is your chance.

Here is the lineup:

Title 0:00:21
Pastor Skip: Opening Prayer 0:01:06
Prelude 1 0:02:51
Prelude 2 0:04:18
Slegh Medley 0:03:48
Joy 0:03:29
Glorious Impossible 0:05:07
O Come All Ye Faithful 0:02:30
Bell Carol Medley 0:04:55
O Holy Night 0:05:43
Carol Medley 0:06:29
John 1 0:05:11
Jesus Messiah 0:06:53
For Unto Us 0:04:14
Sound of the Round 0:04:29
He Came All This Way 0:04:28
Jeff Spry: Gospel 0:06:10
Skip Cartin: Gospel 0:05:35
In Christ Alone 0:05:03
How Great Is Our God 0:07:01
Halleluiah Chorus 0:06:41
Total Time 1:36:22

Here is the video:

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