Monday, December 31, 2007

Video Editing and Other Things Not Explicitly Christian

I've been spending hours upon hours monopolizing the computers at my house to capture, edit and process video of our church's Christmas program a few weeks ago. This is the first draft of the first piece. There are actually two instrumental preludes prior to this one. I may leave this as it is, but it includes video from a camera that saved its video information in files fit for a mac. Since I use a Bill Gate's machine rather than a Steve Jobs machine, I had to convert the files and it lost quality in the conversion which is particularly evident in this sequence. When I complete the DVD, I'll save all the final cuts to uploadable files and post them - probably on GodTube.

This is a medley of sleighing songs. While our program always recounts the birth of Christ and the significance of the incarnation and ends with a few songs of worship for the season, we like to start with a song or two that approaches the season from a lighthearted aspect. As such, these are songs that are not explicitly Christian. Of course, neither is the book of Esther. The fullness of the season is Christian, however, and that includes romance, flights of fancy and children playing. Enjoy...

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