Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The DNA of God

I received a sideways compliment recently. Hearing of my involvement with missions to Venezuela, I was asked by Michael Horner while we were in London if I had some Hispanic heritage. I don't as such and said as much. I'm not very dark compared to many, but I'm dark enough to have made the Hispanics at work wonder if I was Hispanic. So, I understand where the question came from. I went on to explain my mutt heritage: English, German, Irish and other north European, Cherokee, and something unknown that seems to be Mediterranean of some sort. Michael mused that he noticed that people of mixed heritage do tend to be physically strong and attractive people.

Where does one go with a comment like that? I duly appreciated it, although I've never seen myself as particularly attractive. So I opened up a discourse on genetic speciation and the reintroduction of lost genetic potential in isolated populations. (It's okay - he understands these things. One of the things I enjoyed in London was the intellectual capital represented in our group.)

At precisely the same time as this was taking place in London my wife, Lois, and our kids were spending time in the Sierra de Perij√° with the Yukpa Indians. I had wondered from an anthropological perspective of their level of homogeneity. After they got back top civilization, Lois posted some photos from their time there and I noticed striking morphological clues that this tribe had likely been genetically isolated for some time. While she respectfully didn't get any photos, she offered recently that there was an alarmingly high incidence of physical deformity in the tribe. That's an indicator that the population size has remained small enough to lose the genetic variety necessary to cover genetic defects. In other words, people can't find mates in their own ethnicity that aren't too closely related to them. That's the problem with Kinism. (By the way, it also evidences that speciation does not result in eventual mutation.)

Also in London with our group were several people from South Africa. Our purpose was to minister to an ethnic group who vacations in London in the summer. Remarkable about the presence of the South Africans is that there were white and black South Africans working side by side. I remember the years of Apartheid and how God changed all that seemingly overnight. There are still racial tensions in South Africa, but the testimony of our brothers and sisters we met in London is that God had changed their hearts. Now, with new hearts for the people of God here were two ethnicities formerly at great odds working side-by-side to reconcile yet a third ethnicity to the One who reconciles all things.

Genetic information is what causes all living things to reproduce after their own kind. Young are produced in the image of their parents. If this is observed then could it not also be observed that God creates his spiritual children after His spiritual likeness? This is DNA that comes directly from God. It is inextricable from the existence of those who have His DNA. Just as physiological DNA determines our basic morphologies, spiritual DNA determines our basic spiritual nature. We don't need a good mix of genes to give us healthy spiritual DNA, however, because God gives His children spiritual DNA that is perfect and incorruptible. Inasmuch as we are His, we possess His beauty. It doesn't matter what your human ethnicity or physical DNA - if you are a child of God, you are beautiful.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, IF you are a child of God, you are beautiful. But the Incarnation is not some fairy tale for the brain dead, but the active predestined choice of YHWH God as to WHICH ETHNICITY Christ would have been incarnated in. That specific 'genos' and 'am' as the Scriptures note, means that 'He will save HIS PEOPLE from THEIR sins" - and ONLY 'His People.' Period, end of story.

This is in NO WAY applicable to the African savage, the Hottentot, or the Mestizo, all of whom fall under so many of the (still-applicable- or haven't you read either Bahnsen, or Matt. 5:17ff.?) anti-miscegenation clauses in the Pentateuch, as to render them unfit for at least 10 generations for the Kingdom of God.

Christendom once knew this, practiced it, and created Empires where the White Man ruled. The overt Judaizing heresy of the modern age, is the bastardizing of the People of God, and thereby, assuring the reign of the Antichrist.

You are merely assisting that demonic transformation by not calling Whites away from your already tainted bloodline. [cf. Ez. 9:2ff.]

-Fr. John

Wed Sep 24, 11:13:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Jim Pemberton said...

Kinism involves one some of the most profound distortions of scripture I know. It's the white version of Black Liberation Theology and has been around much longer. Yet what you express here goes beyond even Kinism. You've completely missed the big idea behind Acts, ignore the ethnic deviations in Christ's own genetic heritage and miss the intercultural/interracial context of much of Paul's letters. You no doubt have a presuppositional complex so warped with this cancer of a lie that there's likely no debating you out of any of it anytime soon. I feel sorry for you and pray you see the truth sooner rather than later.

Wed Sep 24, 11:39:00 PM GMT-5  

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