Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Annie Moses Band

I know that few people have my range of tastes in art and music. It's rare to find a musical group that can cross some of those lines with me. The Annie Moses Band is one of those groups. The band's front musicians are the two oldest children who have each attended Julliard. Dad plays the piano, mom sings backup and other siblings sing and play various instruments. The youngest is 10.

Did I mention that they are incredible? The combine original music that follows such diverse musical genres as classical, jazz and country for a fresh sound to back up their explicitly Christian themes.

I had trouble picking from their live videos posted on YouTube to post here. Each is a noteworthy composition. Here are my selections:

Soli Deo Gloria:

Dogwood's a Bloomin'

Tough as Nails

And one of their Christmas songs: Message in a Baby:

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