Saturday, October 25, 2008


Why is Obama campaigning against Bush? Perhaps it's because the media has been setting him up for the past eight years. Whether you agree with Obama or not, you have to admit that the bulk of the media is pretty explicit about their support for him and have been campaigning for him in their news coverage. Long gone is the pretense that the media is "unbiased". We all know that they're not.

I haven't always agreed with Bush, but he's done a pretty good job of stimulating the economy and keeping violent foreign attacks off American soil since 9-11. He's also appointed good judges. Plus, he's done this with a media that's particularly hostile toward him and slandered by politicians who have been corrupted by special interest groups and the likes of Fanny MAE and Freddy MAC. What more could you ask?

It's no secret that socialists want to change the United States from a representative republic to a socialist state. It's no secret that Muslim groups want to eventually enact sharia law in the United States. Both are threats against the Constitution of the United States.

When obama says change, he intends for people to think about George W. Bush and all the bad things they've heard about him in the media. But what has he done that's so bad? A few thousand troops have lost their lives in Iraq. That's horrible. The charge is that there never were weapons of mass destruction. We've seen the abundant evidence of them and a denial by any in the know that Saddam Housein ever had them is a patent lie. He used them and we have the graves to prove it. From people I know who have gone over there, the Iraqis are grateful for what we have done for them. It's not a perfect society over there and arguably neither Afghanistan nor Iraq have self-governed people who have chosen a government for themselves that promises true freedom. However, they have a hope that they didn't have before. We caused change over there - good change.

So what's so bad that Bush has done that needs change? An argument I hear is that the world hates us. The "world" that "hates us" is, in part, the socialist nations who want us to be a socialist state too. No wonder they hate us. They can keep on hating us. They hate us becuase they have lesser economies. Other nations that hate us are many of the Islamic states. They see hollywood and hate us for being a Christian nation. It doesn't matter that we're not a Christian nation. They percieve us to be a Christian nation and for them Hollywood is evidence of Christian depravity. What they hate is Hollywood. The fact that they hate us is their problem, not ours.

People point to the economy as a Bush problem. Our economic issues are a combination of energy issues that liberals have drug our feet over and the whole Fanny MAE / Freddy MAC fiasco, which the liberal politicians who have been corrupted by the incestuous money loop have prevented adequate oversight and common-sense policies. Bush had nothing to do with it.

People make reference to Bush's ignorance and stupidity. Just because the liberal media portrays him as such doesn't mean that he actually is ignorant. He made great grades at an Ivy League school. He has a good cabinet of advisors. He's not ignorant or uninformed. He is privvy to top secret information. We are not. There is much we argue against that he deserves the benefot of the doubt about and there are people in place to hold him accountable for the information he has at his disposal. The slander from the media and liberal politicians is unfair and blatantly sinful.

We do need change, but not from Bush per se. We need common sense regulation over our financial dealings to prevent theives from thwarting a healthy free market. We need a hard nose against the nations that supposedly hate us. You don't make friends by pandering to people. You make friends be being firm in defining your boundaries. The same holds true in foreign affairs. Most importantly, we need to change the fact that we are killing babies by the millions. Some things are just plain wrong whether other people agree. Abortion is part of an attempt, along with the likes of same-sex marriage and nihilistic divorce (as though there were another kind), to secularize the one institution given by God to depict His relationship with His people to His glory. If we need change, that's what we need to change

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