Friday, October 17, 2008

Festival of Tables 2008 - Part 8

Tables I find rather fanciful are the ones that feature animals. This year we had three.

I love this butterfly table. The defoliated twigs loaded with butterflys were very creative.

I have no idea what the green round things were in the vase, but they only added to the ability of this table to stimulate one's imagination. It makes me want to be a Bugaloo. I also love the origami.

It looks very nice with the candles lighted:

This next table looked rather Christmassy to me, but minus any explicit Christmas elements, I decided that it must be a bird table.

Each place setting featured a different bird.

This penguin table had, in my mind, one of the most creative elements of all the tables this year:

I think they've used the fiberoptic pengin before, but I don't remember the glowy blocks. These were made from those glass blocks you can cement together into fancy walls. A hole was cut in the back of each of them and a string of white Christmas lights inserted. Note the use of the blue glasses turned upside down to serve as pedestal supports for the upper block.



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