Monday, October 13, 2008

Festival of Tables 2008 - Part 1

Last year, I posted a boatload of photographs from Festival of Tables. I had no idea how many hits I would get of people scanning the search engines for Festival of Tables. And you all just don't look at the posts, you go through all the photos. So, I'm posting photos of all the tables again as well as some photos of some of the detail. With that, there's more photos than I could put all in one post. Therefore, I'm grouping tables with similarities together and doing several posts.

First, I'll tell you what the deal is with our Festival of Tables. Each hostess decorates a round table in the Fellowship Hall and invites some people to come. Others may buy tickets and they will fill out the rest of the seats. A catered dinner is provided. The husbands of the hostesses serve as waiters and work in teams to cover areas. Music is provided and a speaker is invited to talk to the ladies. During the course of the evening, the gospel is presented with information for plugging into a local church and receiving information to help them grow in their new faith.

Now for the tables. Since my wife and I had a table, it will be the first one featured.

In this time where the election seems so critical, we decided to do a patriotic table. We understand there was a patriotic table ten years ago, but not since then. So, it was time. Full view of the table including the balloons.

My wife, Lois did the arrangement and found some of the elements like the flag coffee stirs. I picked out most of the other elements and put the table together. The tablecloth is made from three pieces of fabric simply draped across the table overlapping each other. The red and blue were borrowed from the Venezuela table we did last year. The stars under the clear dessert dishes were a last-minute idea.

Lois also made red and white star-shaped Jello Jigglers for an added touch.



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