Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photos in My Office

My Christmas present is installed and the place is clean enough to be comfortable in. My Sunday School Professor, David Moss, built a desk for my office: the Christmas present from my wife, Lois. It took him awhile because he has been teaching at the local college and had been getting ready for a mission trip to Nepal. After he got back, he got it assembled and brought it to the house so I could finish it. Now was our turn. Lois and the kids went to Venezuela and then I went to Venezuela. I came back, finished the desk and went to London. While I was in London, my father-in-law installed the desk. however, all the old furniture was still in the office and it was mess. I started going through all the old stuff and got much of it moved into the new desk. Then Lois and the kids got back from Venezuela. She had a bad fibromyalgia flare for a couple of weeks. now she's feeling a little better and has decided to organize the house including the rest of the office. A couple nights ago the office was straightened up but a lot of stuff was in boxes in the living room so we couldn't read the Bible in there - so we read the Bible in the cleaned-up office. Here are the photos:

Birch panels and cherry flatstock. It was designed to fit the awkward space in my office. Maybe sometime in the not-too distant future, we'll have David make a hutch to go with it.

Feeding the family before bed: You can see Luke's legs. I would have gotten picture of Luke and Hope sitting in the recliner together (they were cute), but they didn't cooperate after I snapped Paul's picture and Bible time isn't a photo shoot, so I didn't want to turn it into one - just to get a quick natural shot of the beauty I see in my family. That yellow thing behind Lois is a kid-sized desk for homeschool. Paul actually can't read his Bible, but he likes to have one since everyone else does.

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